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Prevent Glare and Add Style in Your Workstation with Our Home Office Window Treatments

When you are laying out your home office, don’t forget the powerful influence of light, whether it’s natural or, if you’re working a second job from home at night, street lamps, headlights, and other distractions. Plus, you need your home office window treatments to muffle outside sounds and even insulate to keep your workstation’s climate comfortable and energy-saving year round. Homestead Window Treatments offers hard workers like you a wide selection of beautiful solutions that don’t hurt your bottom line. Here are just some examples.


Home Office Window Treatment Basics

For your home office, it's best to choose window treatments that allow you to incrementally filter the light. This will let you minimize sunlight when you are working at your computer, to reduce glare on your screen, while allowing you to enjoy maximum illumination when you are reading or meeting with colleagues and clients. 


Effectively Cut Glare with Home Office Solar Shades

Many telecommuters find that our Hunter Douglas solar shades are an ideal solution for their home office window treatments. These are extremely effective at cutting the sun’s glare on your computer if your windows happen to face east, putting you and your screen in an unwelcome “spotlight” every morning. These cleverly designed window coverings smoothly open and close like our popular roller shades plus they filter excess light as well as harmful rays you can’t see. Our solar shade selections include up to 48 color choices including business-appropriate neutral ones if you receive patients or clients in your home office. One of our most popular models comes with a SoftTouch or PowerView motorization option.


Fight Noise Pollution and Energy Loss with Home Office Cellular Honeycomb Shades

If you simply adore your hardwood floor but must use your house’s workspace for conference calls, the room might be much too acoustically “live” with echo! Fear not: Homestead has your home office window treatment solution in finely engineered cellular honeycomb shades. These window coverings do more than absorb unwanted sound. They also prevent heat transfer through your windows, meaning your office remains cool in summer and warm in winter!

Your home office WILL be attractive, functional, and AFFORDABLE if you choose Homestead Window Treatments. Setting up a FREE in-home consultation is as easy as stopping by our store at 30 W. Hills Road, Huntington Station, NY.

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