Living Rooms

Living Rooms

Quality Window Treatments for Your Living Room

For many of us, the centerpiece of our living room is the beautiful outdoor view. Living rooms often feature large bay windows or sliding glass doors that are meant to show off a backyard or neighborhood surroundings. While panoramic living room windows will add elegance to your decor, they will also subject your home to a steady stream of sunlight, which could lead to some issues down the road. The sun’s harsh UV rays can cause furniture fading and damage over time, as well as cause your house to overheat in the summer. The sunlight may also create a glare, making it difficult for you to comfortably watch TV. Fortunately, at Homestead Window Treatments, we can provide you with a wide array of high-quality and cost-effective window coverings that perfectly combine form and function. Our Hunter Douglas window treatments will enable you to enjoy your outdoor view, while also providing effective sun protection.


Our Window Treatment Products & Features

At Homestead Window Treatments, you will find an extensive collection of Hunter Douglas window fashions for your living room, including window blinds, window shutters, sheer shades, and more. Our popular Hunter Douglas product lines include:

Duette® honeycomb shades 
Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades 
Luminette® Modern Draperies 
Nantucket™ window shadings 
Silhouette® window shadings 
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades 

Each one of our window coverings provide a variety of innovative features that will add style, comfort, and protection to your living room. Our Hunter Douglas window treatments provide superior defense against UV rays, guaranteed to protect your furniture, flooring, and even your artwork from sun damage. We also sell window treatments that provide energy efficiency, glare control, and even room-darkening capabilities. No matter what your living room needs, Homestead Window Treatments will help you find the right solution.


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To find out more about our Hunter Douglas window coverings and see which products would be perfect for your home, contact our Huntington Station, NY window treatments store today! Whether your style is classic and elegant, funky and modern, rustic and country or sleek and contemporary, our experienced design professionals will work with you to find the best window treatment solution for your living room, all within your budget.

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