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Create a Cinematic Home Theater with the Perfect Window Treatment

Designing the perfect media room for yourself and your family means more than picking out the latest LED TV on the market. If you want to create a cinematic experience in your home theater, you have to control the ambiance of your space—and that requires blackout blinds or shades.

Here at Homestead Window Treatments, we know the in’s and out’s of the Hunter Douglas line of blinds and shades specifically designed for darkening rooms and minimizing light. Depending on your needs and preferences, we’ll help you choose and install the ideal window treatment for your home media room.


Hunter Douglas de-Light™ Will Black Out Your Media Room

If you aim to eliminate as much light as possible in your media room, then the de-Light™ feature of our Hunter Douglas window treatments will be of particular interest to you. By minimizing any seams, holes or gaps through which light can sneak into your space, you’l reduce glare on your television and maximize the amount of darkness in your home theater. Because fabric can have as much of an impact on light exposure and ambiance, we also consult with you over the type of fabric of your Hunter Douglas shade or sheer—be it opaque or semi-opaque.


Room-Darkening Liners for Added Control and Versatility

As another room-darkening option for your home theater, we offer you the flexibility of liners that may be sewn directly to a shade or operated independently. In the same vein, we recommend the Hunter Douglas Silhouette Duolite®, for homeowners seeking more versatile and convenient window treatments that can smoothly transition from light-blocking to light-controlling at a whim.


Insulate and Black Out Your Home Theater, All-in-One Shade

Homeowners may also be intrigued by insulating their media rooms against extreme heats and freezing colds, with blackout honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas. Just as crucial to your cinematic experience, the honeycomb construction of these Hunter Douglas shades reduces the disturbance of outside sounds and noises. After insulating and noise-muffling capabilities, you may want to weigh the advantages of a cordless blackout shade, for the home theater devoid of all distractions.

Contact our specialists in Huntington Station, NY to select the best solution for your media room or home theater, and get started on your project today!

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