Sheers & Shadings

Stylish Sheers and Shadings to Let the Sun In Minus UV

Homestead Window Treatments, with our Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings, is here to help you “let there be light.” Privacy and heat control does not mean you have to feel like it’s perpetually night in your house! Our selection of marvelous sheers and shadings from America’s No. 1 name in window treatments lets you have peace of mind and enjoy the sunshine.

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S-Vane Silhouette Shadings to Filter Excess UV Rays

Ever the window treatment innovator, Hunter Douglas has come up with Silhouette Shadings with a unique S-vane design. This means the curved vanes of these shadings rest between sheer panels as if suspended in midair. These Hunter Douglas shadings admit natural light while shielding you from what’s left of the sun’s ultraviolet rays that make it past the window glass. Pretty clever! These Hunter Douglas shadings are a benefit for households with children or pets. That’s because these window shadings don’t have cords or tapes, which are safety hazards for the small and young.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shadings for Artistic Looks

Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shadings are the choice for discerning decorators when your room needs extra color and texture. Get the full effect of fabric vanes and an amazing array of hues to choose from!

Lovely Luminette Privacy Sheers Shut Out Prying Eyes

Vertically folding Luminette Privacy Sheers from Hunter Douglas are ideal for wider windows and sliding glass doors such as what might open onto your back yard. These wonderfully control the view in and out of your window to maximize your privacy. These graceful sheers’ rotating vanes come in a variety of translucent options to fit any room’s color scheme. Check out these extraordinary sheers in our showroom as they’re fantastic for light control and protection.

Great Sheers and Shadings Motorization and Remote Options

Pair your cool new Silhouette Shadings from Homestead Window Treatments with PowerView motorization so you can open and shut them by remote, even automating that so they do so at the right times of day.

Get the benefit of decor-enhancing Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings for less from Suffolk County’s window treatment leader. Stop by our Huntington Station, NY store to see how easy it can be!