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Your Furniture Miracle Workers: Outstanding Professional Re-Upholstery Services

Like many North Shore households, you probably have furniture that is heirloom or at least has much sentimental or practical value, such as being perfectly broken in so it’s a pleasure to sit in. The trouble with that of course is you could end up loving those pieces to death, wearing them out! Not a problem anymore. Whether your favorite chair or sofa’s fabric, cushion, or coil-spring damage is catastrophic from one fall or from accumulated stress with overuse, our expert re-upholstery services are at your disposal to make even the most hopelessly damaged cloth or padding whole again. Over the years we’ve mastered upholstery restoration, applying a knowing eye and well-practiced hand to work seeming miracles, bringing favorite pieces back to life. You’ll get many more years of service out of your chairs etc., and have the immense satisfaction of knowing you saved money and grief by trusting the pros to get the job done right.


Reasons to Use Re-Upholstery Services

Your reasons for trying to save older upholstery might be more than a matter of feelings. It may have a familiar softness perfectly accommodating you. Maybe your venerable armchair is sturdier than the new stuff you can get at the big-box store or online. You could buy new, then have to spend still more down the line when the pieces soon disintegrate. Or perhaps your piece is in a rare style you just can’t find anymore. No matter what an appraiser would say of your furniture that needs saving, our re-upholstery services understand that it is priceless to you and will treat it with the care it deserves.


Re-Upholstery Services Exceeding New Quality


When you trust your worn furniture to our re-upholstery services, be assured we never cut corners. We know the shortcuts many makers take, and we undo them, actually exceeding customer expectations. Your furniture will be BETTER than when it was new in the shop! Our crew are masters in the arts of furniture webbing, coils, and fabric. Choose from an immense selection of new fabric.

Your furniture doctors are here in Huntington Station, NY with our state-of-the-art re-upholstery services. And remember; we have a great pickup and delivery option to make the whole process a breeze.

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